Sunriver Brewing Company


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2017 Brewery Expansion

08/26/2017 - This summer we finished our biggest production brewery expansion to date.  The project broke ground in December of 2016 and will increase brewing capacity from 6,000 barrels per year to the ability to produce over 12,000 barrels per year.

The expansion included doubling the size of the cellar, bringing in a new canning line and upgrading the brewhouse.  The new brewhouse is a 15 barrel, four vessel, semi-automated system from JV Northwest.  This upgrade will allow us to produce twice as much volume as the previous brewhouse in close to the same time.  The canning line is a Wild Goose machine that will pump out approximately 40 cans per minute.  It's super fun to watch the process!

Another new addition with this expansion is the construction of a dedicated lab to aid in our quality control processes.  Our beer quality was already really great and this lab will only make it better.  We also upgraded our brewery wastewater processing equipment to be more efficient and better for the environment.

An exciting note to you sour beer fans as well.  We built out a dedicated farmhouse ale and sour barrel production room that is climate controlled and completely isolated from the rest of the facility.  This is a very exciting step for our brewery to produce some interesting barrel aged beers.  Look out for those to be coming out in 2018!

Ryan Duley
Director of Stuff & Things