Sunriver Brewing Company


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2019 Limited Release Draft Schedule

Sunriver Brewing Co. releases many limited release draft beers every year.  This year a full schedule of what will be brewed is available to the public.  The two categories released so far are what the brewery is calling the IPA Factory and the Double IPA Factory. The IPA Factory will be composed of a different IPA each month.  This will be a range of West Coast, Hazy, Fruited and Brut IPA’s.  The new beers from the Double IPA Factory will be released every other month throughout the year.

“We love hops, plain and simple.  Sunriver Brewing Company has cultivated years of relationships with hop growers.  We walk the hop fields each fall and then hand-select only the finest Pacific Northwest varieties.  The end result of this process is presented in our limited release IPAs and double IPAs.  We plan to boldly explore the diverse world of IPA styles utilizing hop oils, hops resins, cryogenic hops, fresh hops alongside our traditional hops.” 
said Brett Thomas, Director of Brewing Operations at Sunriver Brewing Co.  “These hoppy ales will be a combination of fan favorites from years past, graduates from pub only small batches and some totally new awesomeness.”

Approximately 60 kegs of each release will be made available in the Sunriver Brewing’s distribution territory that encompasses Oregon, SW Washington and the southern Idaho.  The beer will reach select retailers that rotate craft beer on a consistent basis.