Sunriver Brewing Company


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Limited Release 16oz Cans

We have released our firsts 16oz can.  The beer is an endless rotating series of Limited Release options, similar to what they have been doing on draft over the years.  

“We’re so ready to fill these beautiful 16 ounce cans with awesome, independent craft beer.” says Brett Thomas, Director of Brewing Operations.  The product coming through our canning line is top notch with regards to packaged beer quality.  Minimal exposure to light and minimal oxygen pickup creates a truly superior drinking experience.  The brewery team is looking forward to presenting some absolutely killer beers in this new format – our favorites like Sunny Drink, Vermont Vacation and Escape from Escondido, as well as some totally new brews.”

The series will have very limited quantities for small retail outlets and will consist of rotating most of the beer in Sunriver Brewing’s 2019 IPA Factory series.   In the Sunriver Brewing pubs you will find all of these plus a few extra releases including beers from their 2019 Double IPA Factory series that are exclusive to Sunriver Brewing’s pubs.