You want variety and we love playing around with new hops, new ingredient combinations and recipes formulations. You will find some of our limited release beers throughout the Northwest, and a lot of variety in our pubs.

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Rotator Series – Crosswater IPA

The latest entry into our 12-ounce canned Rotator series, Crosswater is a modern IPA featuring a combination of remarkably expressive hops.  Crosby Farms Estate-grown Chinook brings a grapefruit-driven bitterness to the kettle, while Yakima grown Eldorado provide an ample candied melon forward character to the whirlpool.  Multiple dry hop additions push this beer deep into modern times utilizing two lots of Nelson Sauvin, hand-selected Oregon-grown Strata, and experimental HBC 586 from Perrault Farms in Toppenish, WA.  The finished beer is bold, punchy, and complex, with notes of passionfruit, watermelon, pink lemonade, and gooseberry.

6.5% ABV   60 IBU

Hops:  Chinook, Strata, Nelson Sauvin, Eldorado, HBC 586

Traverse Single cropped

Rotator Series – Traverse IPA

This modern India Pale Ale traverses the constraints of stylistic guidelines.  Traverse is both juicy like a hazy and clear like a West coaster.  Loaded with cryogenically enhanced and modern hop varieties, this unique brew throws complex notes of freshly tossed fruit salad, aromatic citrus medley, and hand-crafted piña colada.

6.2% ABV   60 IBU

Hops: Citra Cryo, Amarillo® Cryo, Sabro, Cashmere, Sultana, El Dorado


Rotator Series – Clearview West Coast IPA

The latest brew in our never-ending quest to develop the finest India Pale Ale.  New school in design, Clearview offers the perfect balance of citrus, tropical and resinous hop character.  This IPA is bright in appearance, bold in flavor, and has a clean, dry finish.

6.8% ABV   65 IBU

Hops:  Citra, Mosaic, Sultana, Summit


Rotator Series –  Pop Demand

The culmination of years of experimenting with this modern interpretation of India Pale Ale, Pop has a lush, pillowy body and a complex, fruit forward hop character.  Big juicy notes of mango, melon, berries, and limeade abound in this hazy brew.

6.5% ABV   30 IBU

Hops:  Mosaic, Azzaca, Cashmere

Wild Marionberry Sour Red

Wild Series – Marionberry Sour Red Ale

This Flanders-inspired sour red ale was fermented with the Roselare yeast blend and aged in King Estate pinot noir barrels.  Six months later the funky brew was refermented on 300 pounds of Oregon marionberries and then bottle-conditioned with champagne yeast.  The finished beer displays medium-high tartness, distinct pinot noir character, and has jammy notes of sweet berry candy.

7.8% ABV

Wood Applejack Brandy Quad

Wood Series – Applejack Brandy Quad

Our Belgian-style Quadrupel ale is aged for 12 months in a combination of 10-year applejack brandy barrels and 7-year bourbon barrels.  Emulating apple brandy-infused mulled cider; this beer has an amazing depth of flavors. It’s layered with notes of holiday spice, caramel, and dark fruit, finishing with a complex barrel character.

13.3% ABV

Contains: cinnamon, anise, clove, orange zest

Wood Bourbon Barrel Vanilla Stour

Wood Series – Bourbon Barrel Vanilla Stout

We barreled down this imperial stout in the finest 14-year Tennessee whiskey barrels.  Aged for 12 months, this 100%-barrel aged beer is bold, complex, and warming.  Madagascar vanilla beans add a wave of familiar, pleasant, and complimentary flavors.  Subsequent sips bring forth an array of background notes – rich leather, baker’s chocolate, and spicy oak.

13.8% ABV


Wood Series – 2023 Hawaiian-Style Imperial Stout

This masterful blend of 12-month bourbon barrel aged imperial stout is loaded with the exotic flavors of the Hawaiian Islands.  A combination of Alae Estate-grown cocoa nibs, toasted coconut, lactose, and macadamia nuts are carefully infused into this big ale to achieve maximum flavor.  This unique stout presents like a collection of Hawaiian themed candies – rich, nutty, and toasty, with a bold chocolate finish.

14.5%  ABV

Contains Lactose

Wood Double Mocha Comp

Wood Series – 2023 Double Mocha Imperial Stout

This masterful blend of imperial stout was aged in 5-year bourbon barrels for over a year.  We then infused the brew with a double shot of Backporch Coffee Roasters cold pressed Peloton coffee blend and Ghana cacao nibs.  This unique stout is rich with flavor and packs a big mocha punch.

13.7%  ABV

Contains Lactose

Wild Alesong

Wild Series – Sour Red Ale w/ Cherries

This festive collaboration brew between Sunriver Brewing and Alesong Brewing and Blending is inspired by a Belgian-style Flanders red ale.  This strong, sour, red ale was aged in freshly emptied Oregon pinot barrels containing Alesong’s house wild culture.  After six months of barrel time, the beer was then refermented on 400 pounds of Hood River’s finest bing cherries.  The beer then received additional conditioning in Sunriver’s freshly emptied Bourbon Barrel Stout 12-year bourbon barrels.  The end result is distinctly sour, complex and nuanced, with notes of fresh cherries, Oregon pinot noir, tannic oak and high-end bourbon.

8.2%  ABV

Wood Bourbon Ale Comp

Wood Series – Bourbon Barrel Ale

Our Bourbon Barrel Ale began life as a robust, malt-forward base beer, its legendary origins steeped in early days of Oregon craft brewing.  Carefully aged for 12 months in Kentucky’s finest bourbon barrels, the results are breathtaking.  The beer displays complex notes of dried cherry, orange peel, vanilla, and caramel, with a distinctly smooth, warming finish.

12.8% ABV


Wood Series –  Mexican-Style Mocha Imperial Stout

This masterful blend of 12-month bourbon barrel aged imperial stout is designed to emulate a Mexican mocha.  A combination of coffee, vanilla, lactose, cinnamon, chocolate, and chili peppers (puya and ancho) are carefully infused into this big ale to achieve maximum flavor.  This unique stout presents with sweet-heat and earthy-spicy, followed with big mocha punch.

11.7%  ABV

Contains Lactose

Wild Dry Hop Saison Comp

Wild Series – Dry Hopped Brett Saison

A curious blend of fine ales from our barrel program.  This beer begins with a French-style saison, conditioned in Oregon Pinot barrels with Brettanomyces.  A single cask of Fuzztail Hefeweizen, barrel fermented with saison yeast and Brettanomyces, is then added.  The finished blend is then lightly dry hopped with hand selected Citra and Sultana hops.

6%  ABV


Wood Series – Belgian Quad with Cherries

Our Belgian-style Quadrupel ale is aged for 12 months in a combination of bourbon and whiskey barrels and blended with sweet cherries. Complex caramel, sugar, and dark fruit flavors come together with notes of rich vanilla, spicy oak, and bourbon. The beer finishes with a distinct, and complimentary, sweet cherry character.

13.7%  ABV

Wild Gin Fizz Comp

Wild Series – Gin Fizz Saison

We humbly present this wonderful beer to accompany you on Oregon’s warm days and cool nights.  Beginning life as a classis Saison, this ale was aged on a combination of freshly emptied gin and neutral oak barrels, providing complex notes of high desert juniper, citrus zest, dandelion leaf, and marshmallow fluff.  The beer was then conditioned on fresh grapefruit peel and bottle conditioned with our house Brettanomyces yeast strain.  The result is refreshing – bright, crisp, and spritzy – the perfect beverage for any Oregon adventure.

7.7%  ABV

Wood Manhattan Comp

Wood Series – Manhattan Style Imperial Rye

This masterfully matured 12-month bourbon barrel aged imperial rye ale has been infused with a custom blend of high-end botanicals. Designed to mimic the timeless Manhattan, the finished blend is exceptionally cocktail-like in presentation with a balanced bitterness, notes of cherry bark, and finishes with herbal and sweet citrus undertones.

12.3%  ABV

Contains Nuts

Wood Choco Ice Cream Comp

Wood Series – Chocolate Ice Cream Imperial Stout

This masterful blend of 12-month bourbon barrel aged imperial stout is infused with the flavors of chocolate ice cream, gooey marshmallow swirls, caramel, and fudge fish.  This unique ale is adequately named and presents with a depth of rich flavors – bourbon-soaked oak, vanilla, caramel candies, and a bold chocolate finish.

11.5%  ABV

Contains Lactose

Wood Double Maple

Wood Series – Double Barreled Maple Brown

This imperial brown ale spent the first year of its life aging in some of Kentucky’s finest bourbon barrels.  The beer was then racked into an assortment of former bourbon and whiskey barrels that had recently been used to age maple syrup.  Prior to bottling, the ale was conditioned with Madagascar vanilla beans and Indonesian cinnamon.  The result is the ultimate breakfast beer, featuring bold notes of oaky bourbon, sweet maple, fresh vanilla, and spicy cinnamon.

12%  ABV

Wild Raspberry Comp

Wild Series – Raspberry Sour Golden Ale

We humbly present our first mixed culture sour ale.  This interesting brew began life as a standard blonde ale.  Wort went directly from the kettle into a group of Oregon’s finest Pinot Noir barrels where it was fermented with a mixed culture consisting of Brettanomyces, lactobacillus, and Saison yeast.  12 months later we blended it with a portion of our award-winning Fuzztail hefeweizen, lemon zest and 240 pounds of farm fresh raspberries.  The resulting beer is complex and bright, distinctly acidic, and has a wonderful refreshing quality.

6.2%  ABV

Wood Rye Vanilla Comp

Wood Series – Rye Barrel Vanilla Stout

We barreled down this luscious imperial stout in the finest seven-year Kentucky rye whiskey barrels.  Aged for 12 months, this 100%-barrel aged beer is bold, complex, and warming.  Upon pouring, you’ll encounter it’s distinct spicy-rye character.  A combination of internationally sourced vanilla beans adds a wave of familiar, pleasant, and complimentary flavors. Subsequent sips bring forth an array of background notes – bakers’ chocolate, black pepper, cinnamon, honey, and a hint of smoke.  This big ale rounds out with a smooth oak finish.

14%  ABV

Bourbon Barrel Stout

Wood Series – Bourbon Barrel Stout

Bourbon Barrel Stout began life as a robust, malt-forward imperial stout.  We then painstakingly aged the brew for 18 months in the finest small batch 12-year Kentucky bourbon barrels.  The results are exceptional.  The ale displays complex notes of roasted caramel, cinnamon bark, toasted vanilla, dried cherries, and aged leather.  Bourbon Barrel Stout finishes smooth, with a warming embrace, hinting at its lengthy residence in the oak.

13.5%  ABV

Rum Barrel Coconut Stout

Wood Series – Rum Barrel Coconut Stout

Inspired by the historic stouts of the Caribbean, this beer began life as an imperial version of a tropical stout.  The ale was then aged in Jamaican rum barrels for 12 months.  Barrel character is complex, with notes of vanilla rum, smoke, charred oak, baker’s chocolate, and caramelized sugar.  Prior to bottling, this big stout was conditioned on 125 pounds of freshly toasted coconut flakes, making for a smooth, silky finish.

13.4%  ABV


Shred Head – Winter Ale

Brewed once a year, Shred is a traditional UK style winter warmer ale. A blend of pale, crystal and black barley creates a robust malt character. Classic Pacific Northwest hop varieties give the brew floral, citrus and piney finish.

7% ABV  50 IBU

Hops: Chinook, Centennial, Cascade


Thorns & Udders – Fruited Chocolate Milk Stout

This ale is a delicious marriage of Oregon raspberries and our award-winning Cocoa Cow Chocolate Milk Stout.  Sweet-tart berry flavors blend seamlessly with the rich chocolate notes of this full-flavored dessert beer.

7% ABV  28 IBU

Hops: Columbus


Mocha Cow– Mocha Stout

Our award-winning Cocoa Cow Chocolate Milk Stout mooves to the next level with the addition of with a double shot of Backporch Coffee Roasters cold pressed Peloton coffee blend.  The finished ale is like a morning at your favorite coffee shack, featuring delightful notes of dark cocoa powder, milk chocolate bar, sweet crème, and fresh roasted coffee.

7% ABV  28 IBU

Hops: Columbus
Other Ingredients:  Lactose, Cocoa Nibs, Coffee


Forward Progress – American Pilsner

Old World meets New World with this contemporary American pilsner.  Idaho grown pilsner malt combines with toasted flaked rice to create a mildly sweet note in this golden hued lager.  A blend of Czech Saaz and hand selected PNW grown Mt. Hood and Mosaic brings the hoppy spice and bit of dankenberry punch.  The finished beer is light and bright with a hint of adjunct and complimentary hop profile.

5.5% ABV   45 IBU

Hops:  Mosaic, Mt. Hood, Czech Saaz


Flowable – Citra Pils

Oh Citra, how we love thee.  We love Citra so much that we used it exclusively to hop this delicious contemporary Pilsner.  Did I mention that we love Pilsners too?  Well, we do, so let us present to you, Flowable Citra Pils.  This brew begins life as a (relatively) ordinary German-styled pilsner, except it’s loaded with Citra in all its wonderful glory across four different formats.  Flowable features Citra CO2 extract, Citra T90 pellets, Citra Cryo pellets, and of course, Citra 702 flowable.  Flowable Pils presents everything we love from Citra – notes of fresh squeezed grapefruit, passionfruit blossoms, peppered cantaloupe, and a hint of stinky, spicy diesel.  Have some Flowable Pils and step into the future with us.

5.5% ABV   44 IBU

Hops:  Citra, Citra Cryo, Citra 702 flowable


Heights Of Aoraki – New Zealand Pilsner

This new world pilsner is defined by a pleasant bitterness and the unique, fruity character of 100% New Zealand hops.  Southern hemisphere notes of citrus blossoms, white wine, gooseberries, and diesel pop in this unique worldly brew.

5.5% ABV   35 IBU

Hops:  Waimea, Motueka, Nelson Sauvin, Riwaka


Stay Out of Malibu – West Coast Pilsner

Take a trip to Malibu with this curious marriage of classic German Pils with a distinctly American West Coast hop profile.  This lager beer has a blend of pilsner malts creates a light bready malt background.  Prominent, but not intense, the hops provide adequate bitterness and notes of Fruity Pebbles™, desert wildflowers, and blood orange sorbet.

5.5% ABV   48 IBU

Hops:  Citra, Mosaic, HBC 586, Motuere


Che Figata – Italian Pilsner

Contemporary? Neo-classic?  We can’t be sure, but we do love this hoppy pilsner.  Unique Mediterranean-grown pilsner malt pairs excellently with a blend of classic and modern European hops.  This lager beer is distinctly crisp, with a floral, spicy and fruity hop finish.

5.4% ABV   30 IBU

Hops: Czech Saaz, Saphir, Hallertau Blanc


Tootle’s Marbles – Amber Lager

Emulating one of craft brewing’s most iconic styles, this amber lager doesn’t disappoint.  A blend of Northwest and German barley generates hearty notes of water crackers, toasted bread crust, and caramel candies.  Hand-selected, Oregon-grown hops balance the beer with a floral, fruity, and herbal finish.

5.4% ABV   35 IBU

Hops:  Nugget, Liberty, Mt. Hood


Deseo – Mexican Lager

Our Mexican-style lager is a nod to the classic lager beers of Latin American.  Our modern interpretation is light bodied, with low hop flavor and bitterness.  Best when served with a slice of lime.

5% ABV  20 IBU

Hops: Mt. Hood, Czech Saaz


Holy Schmidt! – Festbier

This brew is our interpretation of the namesake lager biers of the world’s largest beer festival.  Brewed with 100% German malts and hand selected Oregon hops.  This pale lager is clean, well balanced, and exceptionally drinkable.  Prost!

5.8% ABV    25 IBU

Hops: Mt. Hood, Liberty


Revival – Vienna Lager

Revival is a nod to the classic lagers of Austria.  A blend of pilsner and Vienna malts create a delicate, sophisticated malt character with notes of fresh baked scones, toasted artisan bread, and lightly roasted mixed nuts.  This copper hued brew is light bodied, easy drinking and totally approachable.  Zum Wohl!

4.8% ABV    20 IBU

Hops: Nugget, Liberty


Lava Lands – Export Stout

Lava Lands is a traditional export stout, jet black in color and featuring bold chocolate, caramel and coffee flavors.  This ale is full-bodied and finishes with a pleasant dry roasted bitterness.

6.8% ABV  40 IBU

Hops: Nugget


Cameron’s Crest – Scottish Ale

Brewed to celebrate the Scottish heritage of the Cameron Family, the owners of Sunriver Brewing Company.  This 90-schilling ale is light-bodied and amber colored, featuring malty notes of biscuit, toffee and caramel.

4.8% ABV  20 IBU

Hops: Northern Brewer

Other Ingredients:  Raspberry, Lactose, Cocoa Nibs



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