You want variety and we love playing around with new hops, new ingredient combinations and recipes formulations. You will find some of our limited release beers throughout the Northwest, and a lot of variety in our pubs.


Rotator Series: Clearview West Coast IPA

The latest brew in our never-ending quest to develop the finest IPA.  New school in design, Clearview offers the perfect balance of citrus, tropical and resinous hop character.  This IPA is bright in appearance, bold in flavor, and has a clean, dry finish.

6.8% ABV   65 IBU

Hops:  Citra, Mosaic, Sultana, Summit


Rotator Series: Rivermark Pilsner

Rivermark is our interpretation of the world’s original pale lager.  Perfectly balanced, this Czech-style pilsner hits all the right spots.  Bready malt flavors mingle with a spicy and floral hop character.  This beer is light on the palate and perfectly crisp.

5% ABV   30 IBU

Hops:  Nugget, Mt. Hood, Czech Saaz


Rotator Series: Pop Demand

The culmination of years of experimenting with this modern interpretation of IPA, Pop has a lush, pillowy body and a complex, fruit forward hop character.  Big juicy notes of mango, melon, berries, and limeade abound in this hazy brew.

6.5% ABV   30 IBU

Hops:  Mosaic, Azzaca, Cashmere


Wood Series: Bourbon Barrel Ale

Our Bourbon Barrel Ale began life as a robust, malt-forward base beer, its legendary origins steeped in early days of Oregon craft brewing.  Carefully aged for 12 months in Kentucky’s finest bourbon barrels, the results are breathtaking.  The beer displays complex notes of dried cherry, orange peel, vanilla, and caramel, with a distinctly smooth, warming finish.

12.8% ABV


Wood Series: Mexican-Style Mocha Imperial Stout

This masterful blend of 12-month bourbon barrel aged imperial stout is designed to emulate a Mexican mocha.  A combination of coffee, vanilla, lactose, cinnamon, chocolate, and chili peppers (puya and ancho) are carefully infused into this big beer to achieve maximum flavor.  This unique stout presents with sweet-heat and earthy-spicy, followed with big mocha punch.

11.7%  ABV

Contains Lactose


Wood Series: Hawaiian-Style Imperial Stout

This masterful blend of 12-month bourbon barrel aged imperial stout is loaded with the exotic flavors of the Hawaiian Islands.  A combination of Alae Estate-grown cocoa nibs, toasted coconut, lactose, and macadamia nuts are carefully infused into this big beer to achieve maximum flavor.  This unique stout presents like a collection of Hawaiian themed candies – rich, nutty, and toasty, with a bold chocolate finish.

14%  ABV


Wood Series: Belgian Quad with Cherries

Our Belgian-style Quadrupel ale is aged for 12 months in a combination of bourbon and whiskey barrels and blended with sweet cherries. Complex caramel, sugar, and dark fruit flavors come together with notes of rich vanilla, spicy oak, and bourbon. The beer finishes with a distinct, and complimentary, sweet cherry character.

13.7%  ABV


Shred Head – Winter Ale

Brewed once a year, Shred is a traditional UK style winter warmer. A blend of pale, crystal and black barley creates a robust malt character. Classic Pacific Northwest hop varieties give the brew floral, citrus and piney finish.

7% ABV  50 IBU

Hops: Chinook, Centennial, Cascade


Thorns & Udders – Raspberry Chocolate Milk Stout

This brew is a delicious marriage of Oregon raspberries and our award-winning Cocoa Cow Chocolate Milk Stout.  Sweet-tart berry flavors blend seamlessly with the rich chocolate notes of this full-flavored dessert beer.

7% ABV  28 IBU

Hops: Chinook

Other Ingredients:  Raspberry, Lactose, Cocoa Nibs


Lava Lands – Export Stout

Lava Lands is a traditional export stout, jet black in color and featuring bold chocolate, caramel and coffee flavors.  This brew is full-bodied and finishes with a pleasant dry roasted bitterness.

6.5% ABV  40 IBU

Hops: Chinook


Cameron’s Crest – Scottish Ale

Brewed to celebrate the Scottish heritage of the Cameron Family, the owners of Sunriver Brewing Company.  This 90-schilling ale is light-bodied and amber colored, featuring malty notes of biscuit, toffee and caramel.

4.8% ABV  20 IBU

Hops: Northern Brewer

Other Ingredients:  Raspberry, Lactose, Cocoa Nibs


Sounds Like Summer – Field Ale

The light and bright flavors of summer pop in this garden-inspired pale ale. Malt and hops mingle with the zesty flavors of fresh fruit and veggies in this absolutely unique, totally delicious brew.

5.8% ABV   30 IBU

Hops: Sorachi Ace, Lemon Drop, Citra, Ekuanot
Other Ingredients: Cucumber, Lime Zest, Thai Basil, Kaffir Lime Leaves


Bondi Beach Party – Aussie Pale Ale

Galaxy hops build layers of peach, passion fruit and over-ripe citrus. This ale is distinctly hoppy and light on the palate, with just a hint of caramel-candy sweetness. Tie your kangaroo back Jack and dive into a Bondi Beach Party.

ABV: 6.2%   IBU: 55

Hops: Galaxy, Topaz, Vic Secret