Sunriver Brewing Company brews some of the highest quality craft beer available. Our brewers’ dedication to craft and experimentation with ingredients result in consistent quality craft beer for your enjoyment year-round.


Sunriver Brewing Company and its talented brewing team take great pride in providing consistent quality craft beer for your enjoyment year-round. Our flagship products have all received top national and regional awards for their respective category.


Hoppiness meets body and texture in this beer series that showcases a relatively new style of beer. The monthly rotation of Hazy IPA’s will keep you interested and delighted.


Our brewers spend a lot of time traveling around hop farms in the northwest and bringing in hops from around the world to select the best of the best. The Double IPA Factory showcases these masterful grown buds of magic.


You want variety and we love playing around with new hops, new ingredient combinations and recipes formulations. You will find some of our limited release beers throughout the Northwest, and a lot of variety in our pubs.


We are humbled and honored to be awarded multiple national and international awards for our beer year over year. When you add in all of the regional Peoples Choice Awards from many Brewfest’s, it is a testament to the diligence of our brewers.